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Robin-And-Bob-By-Olin-Mills-BoiseThere was some very interesting information delivered today from some of my food groups. One such piece of info was on how to clean a cast iron skillet. Watch this short video on Cleaning Cast Iron. Other articles on cast iron include such things as identifying old cast iron pans, reconditioning cast iron and seasoning cast iron. Good information to keep in your library. I have been using the same three cast iron skillets for over 30 years. And I have a camp cast iron pot that I have had for every bit of that long. All are in good condition – like new! (And yes, that is Robin and I in 1984!)
The other great piece of information, and great reading, comes from the Huffington Post and can be found at 17 Food Reasons The French Are Better At Life. And from that article,

Between their rich buttery sauces and the artistry they’ve brought to pastry, it’s easy to understand why French food has long been the envy of the world. But it’s not just the food they make that’s so special, it’s the way they think about their cuisine. In our food-forward minds, this means that the French are winning at life. Here are the 17 reasons why — though we’re sure we could have come up with 100.

And another little interesting tid-bit of information from the same article, particularly if you like butter,

Butter is more important than water.
That’s the secret to fine French cuisine. Their sauces are based on butter. Their pastries are layered with butter. But, it’s all with good reason, because some of the finest butter in the world is made in France. Particularly, the butter made in the Normandy region, which is bright yellow thanks to their fine dairy cows. And, guys, the butter is almost always salted, the way butter is supposed to be.

So there you have it. Two really interesting pieces of information and ones that you may want to keep. Enjoy! And remember, l’heure du gouter, any hour is the “hour to taste” as this translation says. Cheers!