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(Boise Weekly July 10, 2013)

(Photo credit: Ryan Thorne, Boise Weekly July 10, 2013)

Baker Michael Runsvold has started a new bakery in Boise/Garden City. The Acme Bakery, Acme Bake Shop. I keep talking about the products that he and Soraya bake. Well here is an article from the Boise Weekly about the start-up. Great bread and great write-up. Acme Bake Shop I have excerpted some of the article below.

Mike Runsvold stood at a nearly empty table as the bell rang, signalling the end of a busy day at the Boise Farmers Market. Throughout the morning, his breads had gradually disappeared one by one, as customers came by to snag a slice of sourdough or a bite of boule.
“Everything that I make, I try to make like it would be an exceptional version of its type of bread,” Runsvold said…Runsvold’s breads are made with local and semi-local flours and ingredients.
“You can’t find bread flour that’s produced or milled locally, but the one I use is in Lehi, Utah, not very far away,” Runsvold said.
In addition to using unbleached white flour from Lehi Roller Mills (where Footloose was filmed), Runsvold also sources from Shepherd’s Grain. He procures other flours, including whole wheat and rye, from Caldwell and Donnelly, where they are grown and milled on the spot.
Acme breads quickly caught the eye of 10 Barrel’s chef Paul Faucher, who wanted local breads to complement the brewpub’s menu.
“When we were opening this place up, I asked Mike if he could do something special for us,” Faucher said. “We decided to incorporate our beer wort into our buns.”
Runsvold uses the wort to add sweetness and flavor to the buns. So far, Faucher has been impressed with the quality of Acme’s breads.[Ryan Thorne, Boise Weekly, July 10, 2013]

Read the rest of the article as linked above. It is a good one and then try some of Acme Bake Shop’s breads. Robin and I have some delivered to us each and every week at home. I also am prone to get some at the New Boise Farmer’s Market at 10th and Grove in downtown Boise each Saturday morning. Cheers!