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Yes, one must prepare for this dinner. This year we will have 10 over for dinner. Maggie, Tessa and Madison Hyland, their mother Deanna, Chris (goes with Madison), Mac, Marnie, Sophia, Robin and me. Let’s see ….. That’s 10! We started today, this morning, with the prep. Here are some photos. Enjoy and don’t forget to Left-Click to see these full screen.

No, we are not making this. But wouldn’t it be delightful to place as a center piece?

Robin making her cranberry relish. Check out those ingredients.

Brioche cubes for stuffing.

Dried corn soaking. Remember – One must taste, and taste and taste and adjust and taste and taste and taste …….

Making vegetable stock to fortify the gravy. Yup! Those are oranges and limes in this stock. Great citrus overtones.

The turkey is thawing and the stuffing has all dried ingredients mixed in. Sweet potatoes are prepped. Tomorrow will be Bedlam, but exciting and fun. Maybe a small helping of 10 year old Laphroaig will help. Probably. Cheers!

Thanksgiving morning started at 7:00am. Here’s what’s cookin’!

Orange and Onion Green Bean Casserole, Apple and Herb Stuffing, Sweet Potatoes

The turkey is stuffed and ready for browning. 19 pounder should be just fine. I need a larger oven, though.