A great time was had at Mac and Marnie’s last night to watch fireworks and eat! Thanks to Mac, Marnie, Sophia, Chris, Maddy, Margaret and Robin for making it a good evening. This beautiful sunset was just before the fireworks show in the valley. We had good seats and none of the smoke.
Robin and I bought 14 Dungeness crabs at about 1.75 lbs each. 7 of us ate them. And at the end of the evening, we could take some home. Beer and wine accompanied the crabs quite well. Margaret brought her delicious potato salad, and Marnie and Mac bought corn, which Mac grilled. Sophia made a raspberry cake for dessert. Here are some of the Dungeness crabs that I picked this morning. We ended up with about 2.25 pounds of the crab meat from 2.5 crabs. Stewing down the shells for stock; froze 3 packages of the picked meat and have one package ready for ……………….

Here is one of the crabs I picked. They are a pretty good size crab and have that awesome  Smell of the Sea. We get them fresh from our local fish store here in Boise, Reel Foods. They have some fabulous seafood. Fresh and delicious!

Here you can see the size of these crabs. Almost 12 inches across!