A super good dinner tonight!

Saffron Rice and Pearled Barley

Tagine Lamb Shanks

Vegetable Medley

Dockside Peanut Butter Pie

Really a good and delicious dinner. And all in one pot. Easy to make and clean up. After Two and a Half hours at 350 degrees F, the lamb just falls apart. We generously rubbed the shanks with Ras El Hanout Spice Mix, a Moroccan style spice blend. And one half cup of wine for steam. Enjoy! Tagine is a very Mediterranean type of cooking. The meal is cooked slowly over medium heat and sealed in the tagine.

Here is the vegetable medley layered in the bottom of the tagine with the lamb placed on top of the vegetables. Notice some of the Ras El Hanout on the shanks.

The lamb shanks, or you can use pork or beef shanks, too, placed on the vegetables in the tagine. Notice the top of the tagine. It is cone shaped to allow the steam to swirl around the shanks. The steam port is visible on the top left of the top.