And Buddy says, “What’s for dinner?”, as he lifts his head from the front door where he has been all day waiting for Robin to drive up. Well let’s see what I can come up with. How about this –

BBQ Grilled Chicken Sandwich
spinach, onion, tomato, BBQ sauce

Grilled Kansas City Potato Wedges

Maybe a beer or two

And is that a Pabst Blue Ribbon and a Mickey in the background? Two of seventy from the birthday stash. I think Robin and Marnie had Fritos and I don’t know what else for dinner. I like Fritos. But this is so much better. Tomorrow it’s the Buzz for the Wine Club Dinner – get your reservation and I’ll see you there. Then there is the Food Truck Rally on Friday – previous post – and Saturday is so jammed! Taste208, both the media function and the public function; Shawn Carman’s Graduation Party; the Buzz is having a Parking Lot Party; Garry Scholtz is having an open house in Meridian. I think this is a conspiracy from Robin to keep me busy and not lonesome. I’ll take 2 BP pills and all will be soooooooo fine. Cheers!