Robin’s Tortilla Soup

OK. So here’s the scoop. Today was the “Running of the Roses”, the Kentucky Derby and we lost. It has been rather chilly here today with temps around 54 degrees and the wind chill at 47. Then tonight they say that we are getting down to 28 – 32 degrees with a frost warning. (I’ve known snow on the tulips at Mother’s Day, but the tulips are over this year!)
In other words, it’s cold here. So, Robin made this really great Tortilla Soup. Rich and spicy and great! It hit the spot during the derby. We had Mexican beer and not Mint Juleps. After all, it is Cinco de Mayo! Enjoy looking at the soup. There’s none left. Oh yes. There will be a very large full moon tonight to photograph. Hope the skies clear off. Moonrise is 8:54pm here in Boise. Cheers!