After going to the DotDotDot program, BSU Graphic Artists present their Senior work, we drifted down to Le Cafe de Paris and had an awesome Tapas night dinner. Congratulations to our friend Shawn Carman for a successful showing. You are one talented young man. Both events were in the Adelmann building pictured here.And now, our dinner in pictures. Enjoy the photos. We enjoyed the dinner!

Choripan Bites
chorizo, sweet pepper and onion, chimichurri bruschetta

Vegetable Gratin
tomato, zucchini, red bell pepper, gruyere, parmesan, cream

Springtime Hearts of Palm Salad
(Ensalada de Palmitos de Primavera)
lettuce, boiled egg, hearts of palm, tomato, pickled beet, dijon vinaigrette

Ancho Rubbed Tri Tip
fire-roasted tomato salsa, medium rare tri tip

Argentine Mussel Soup
green-lipped mussels, saffron, lemon juice, vegetable stock, rice


Seafood and Sausage Paella
andouille sausage, crayfish and saffron rice

Dulce de Leche Pionono
sponge cake roulade, dulce de leche creme filling, caramel icing