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Boise City Council approves new rules for urban agriculture, but a vote on river jumping will wait
Posted: 12:00am on Apr 18, 2012

The issue has inspired lots of passion and plenty of discussion. During a Boise City Council public hearing, several members of the public spoke in favor of the urban agriculture ordinance. No one spoke in opposition.

• Urban farms are now allowed in all zoning districts, along with community supported agriculture (CSAs), where customers buy shares of produce for pick up during growing season. The new rules also allow such operations to sell small amounts of produce.
• Urban farming retail spaces are limited to 500 square feet. New parking and overhead lighting is prohibited. Business hours are restricted to 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
• Produce stands have been operating with six month permits. Now, they’ll be able to apply for yearlong permits.

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