This was a great birthday for me. Michelle Larson also had a birthday and Cristie and Tommy, owners of the Buzz, did a superb job creating a party atmosphere! Both Michelle and I thank them sincerely for allowing this party to happen. Look at the menu we had. See anything “strange”? The dinner was served backwards – that is, dessert first! Cristie is so creative. I want to thank our friends and family who joined us and the many cards and gifts they gave: Ed and Mary, Jan (Maize), Margaret, Robin, Bob and Gail, Marnie and Mac, Sophia, Madison and Chris and Barbara and Patrick. Thank you all so very much for making this a fantastic day.

Brunch at Berryhill and Co. Hard to see the cake with the candle.

Some of the gifts received at the Buzz.

70 Beers!!!

Ed and Mary, Jan, Margaret and Robin.

Bob and Gail, Marnie and Mac, Madison and Chris. Sophia was not in the photo.

An awesome TBA that Robin and I offered to all of our friends who were there. It’s a sweet wine so there were some who did not like it. But not many. We are happy that we could share this fantastic wine with everyone. Auction value? $425.00

One beer for every year – 70 different beers!

Donauweller Cake
NV Zonin Lambrusco
8.5% alc, not my favorite, light on bouquet and balance [12] $10.00
NV Fonseca Porto
20% alc, it was a good port, good balance and bouquet [16] $20.00 (750 ml)

Chicken Rollatini
Baked Tomatoes
2010 Poggio Sangiovese
13.5% alc, weak on body but overall a good wine. [17] $17.00
2010 Bolla Bardolino
12.0% alc, week on body and finish. [14] $10.00

Asparagus and Edamame
(Interesting and good salad)
2010 D’Aguino Pinot Grigio
12.0% alc, really a good wine. [17] $10.00
2010 Tabali Sauvignon Blanc
13.5% alc, weak on color and balance. [14] $13.00

Sopa Poblano
Awesome soup!
2010 Arenal Carmenere
14.0% alc, a little weak on the bouquet but went well with this soup. [17] $13.00
2010 Montes Malbec
14.0% alc, a good strong malbec. did not over power the soup [ 18] $13.00

Salmon Bites
Chiles en Nogada
2009 Luna Merlot
14.9% alc, a big and bold merlot. [19] $22.00 
2008 Yellowtail Reserve Merlot
14.0% alc, another big merlot [18] $11.00

Again, I thank everyone for making this a great Birthday Party! Cheers.