Great to have these small cooking/baking classes for those interested. This one was particularly nice because Margaret requested it. Well ……. Sort of! Fun to make this Irish Soda Bread – it only has 3 ingredients in it – and quick. Total time about an hour. And look at what she made. (Do I hear applause for her?) Left-Click for a larger view of the photos.

But before baking this morning, we had to have some dinner last night. How about

Broiled Talapia
Fresh Made Tartar Sauce

Braised Asparagus and Mushrooms
Montmorency Cherry Sauce

Wow! This was super! And serve it all with a 2010 Indian Creek Winery Mountain Syringa and you have an awesome and delicious dinner!

Now …… Back to baking!

Margaret. Ready to learn how to make the Irish Soda Bread. She did a great job!

Look at what she made! So easy and so good. Great Job Margaret!

But wait! Here are two loaves. We’ll make one additional loaf at no additional cost! Sucha deal. Spread a little butter on and maybe some honey. Oh my!