Well … It was a super St Patrick’s Day dinner! There were 20+ people there and everyone pitched in to help either by preparing something, or setting the table or prepping. It was great. Thank-You Leanne and Tom!
The photo to the left is a White Irish Soda Bread that I made. (The link takes you to the recipe) This comes from an original recipe from the Preservation of the Irish Soda Bread web site. (There is also an article of the Irish soda bread below.)

I had to make two loaves, and I am glad I did. I made one as a White Soda Bread, above. Here is the Dark Soda Bread, to the back of the pan, and the White Soda Bread to the front of the pan. The only difference between the two are the ingredients. Both are mixed and baked off precisely the same way. I have them both in the same recipe as listed above. These are really very easy and quick to make. Do try them and let us know what you think. Cheers!