Well, yes! Start those plants indoors or in a small portable greenhouse or any where where the seeds and plants get plenty of sunlight and air movement. Keep them damp, not wet! And here is some information for planting using Household Food Left-Overs. The article, lists 5 Foods You Can Grow From Left-Overs. Foods like celery, ginger root, cloves, sweet potatoes or onions. The web site is called Garden Swag. Another place that you may be interested in is City Girl Farming which has this information to share. (There is a link in the sidebar, too.) Enjoy these articles and the information that can be found on the links. If you have any comments, please let us know. Cheers!

Growing Food From Kitchen Scraps

There’s all sorts of growing experiments you can do with your kids just by using food from your kitchen. The possibilities are nearly limitless…take some time to take stalk of the food supplies you have, and decide which ones you’d like to experiment with. To give you an idea of the kinds of things you can plant, here’s a quick list:

(Graphic: City Girl Farming)

1. Whole seed spices (like coriander seed, mustard seed, etc.)
2. Seeds from fruits and vegetables (like potatoes, green peppers, apples, etc.)
3. Snack food seeds (like popcorn and raw nuts, etc.)
4. Fresh herbs and spices (like garlic and ginger root, etc.)

Most of these seeds and roots will grow best by starting them in water. Also, many of them can be transplanted out into the garden, if you’d like. (Here is one suggestion. There are several more on the links above.)

Keep a potato around until some eyes start growing on it. Slice a piece of the potato off where the eye is, and put it in a cup with water covering the potato, but not the eye. Soon, you’ll have a potato plant sprouting up and you can plant it in the garden, or just watch it grow in the cup (no potatoes will grow in the cup, but the plant will grow and look good.)

Enjoy these two garden resources – there are many more on the web, just search for them – as it is starting to look a lot like Spring! (I noticed our Forsythia is in heavy bud. It will bloom in the next several days) Cheers! And thanks to Barbara Joan Mayhre for sharing this information, although I don’t know that she realizes it as the link above is on a FB post she made. You never know, Barbara.