Mac’s Extended Birthday Dinner actually started on Feb 19. His birthday is Feb 21. Look at the dinner that Marnie and Mac made. This was a great BBQ Rib dinner as pictured here.

BBQ Ribs
Green Salad

And then for dessert, Sophia made a great Boston Cream Pie.

On Tuesday, Feb 21, Robin and I prepared his dinner with help from Marnie – a wonderful green salad – and Margaret, a great berry pie and fresh whipped cream. The wines that we had are also listed. The phrase, “OTH?” means “over the hill?” Actually, all of these wines turned out to be awesome. Here, take a look!

Happy Birthday beverages for Mac – February 21, 2012
Fat Tuesday …………………………………Mardi Gras

1971 Rene Manuel Meursault Poruzot Blanc $40.00
Richard Sajbel Selection White Burgundy
Appellation Meursault Controlee Nuits-Saint-Georges
(Cotes- d ‘Or) OTH No due date French Table Wine 11-14%

Garlic Soup and Pain de seigle

1971 Corton Bressandes Tollot Beaut and Fils, France $ 122.00
Frank Schoonmaker Selection Red Burgundy
Appellation Corton Controlee [Cote-D-Or]
OTH? No due date Table Wine 11-14%

Roast Leg of Lamb with Rosemary and Juniper

Roasted Root Vegetables

Asparagus Gremolata

1987 Rose Creek Winery, Hagerman, ID $33.00
Grapes sourced from Yamhill County, OR
OTH? 2009 13.4 %

2006 Maysara Jamsheed McMinnville, OR $35.00
OTH? 2009 Screwcap 13.9%

Salad M and M McNeil

Margaret’s Berry Berry Pie
Fresh Whipped Cream

Dessert Wine:
2005 Winery at Eagle Knoll Myron’s “Port” De ‘Blanc $49.00
Snake River AVA ‘American’ Eagle, ID 18 %

Sophia’s Boston Cream Pie

The wines for the February 21 dinner. At least some of them.

Our dinner table.



Just a super couple of days to party and eat and have some awesome wines. Wonder what next year will bring? Worth “hanging around” for, I think. Cheers!