Yes. It is true! Chef Lou has opened a second location for the Westside Drive-In. And it is definitely a 5-Star location, just as the original location is. The new drive-in is located at 1113 Parkcenter Blvd, Boise (208) 424-0000 whereas the original drive-in is located at 1939 W State street, Boise (208) 342-2957. Chef Lou still has the same website at Chef Lou. The food is delicious and one can tell that his staff takes great care in producing a good product. Will we be back? Probably. 

Here is page one of the Westside Drive-In Menu. Left-Click to see a larger view.

Here is Page Two of the menu.

Page 3

Page 4.
Look at the daily specials. Are you a Senior Citizen – or as my Mom said, “A Seasoned Citizen” – then you get a 10% discount every day! Want a recommendation? Don’t miss the Prime Rib! It is awesome.

Hard to pass this photo up! It says it all.

The interior. The Parkcenter location has indoor seating, something the State Street location does not have, although State Street has a heated outdoor dining area. Look at the smile on the young lady at the cash register. Everyone was smiling. So pleasant to see that!

I had the Fried Egg Burger and Fries and Robin had the BLT. Loved the mustard, or “special” sauce on mine, that had a hint of turmeric. It was delish!

Robin and I waited for you, but food this good just will not last long. There is a little lettuce left and some fry sauce (an Idaho thing). Maybe next time. Cheers!