Robin found this article about capers today in the Idaho Statesman (U of I Master Gardner – Add A Caper). This is a really good article and chock full of good information. Here is a portion of that article.

“Capers are actually immature budding flowers of the prickly perennial capparis spinosa bush tree. They are a native plant of the Mediterranean region and particularly copious in the eastern regions of the Black Sea as well as Cyprus, Turkey, Anatolia, Spain, France, Italy, and Greece … They typically grow wild down roadways, rocky hillsides, mountains and ancient stone walls. They thrive in a dry arid climate.

As with most all other herbs and spices, capers have been added to flavor foods and to treat ailments in our bodies for thousands of years. An interesting feature of the plant is its hardiness adapting to a wide variety of climates.”

Caper seeds can be purchased at “… Franchi Sementi Seeds produces caper seeds. The US distributor for Franchi is and the UK distributor is”  (From Seed To Table) You can find more information on capers at From Seed To Table Blog. Another source for Caper Seeds is Amazon (dot) com. Have fun and add these to your herb garden. I plan on doing so. Cheers!