What a great event! The Second Annual Latke Cook-Off! And with such good friends. Add this evening to the foods that we have tried over the past several days, and we have been treated so well. And Joe Levitch made this wine bottle holder by laminating three different types of wood. Beautiful Joe, and thank you.

The main theme of tonight is the Second Annual Latke Cook-Off! Here is a very basic recipe for Latkes. They are a traditional Hanukkah fare along with sour cream and apple sauce. Usually, too, there is a green salad. So much fun. Thanks to Joe and Rachael Levitch for opening their home and kitchen for this event. And thanks also to Jodi Peterson for agreeing to challenge Joe to the cook-off.

In this corner ….. The Challenger, Jodi Peterson!!!

And in this corner ….. The Teacher, Joe Levitch!

The fruits of their labors. The Latkes are cooking.

Add a couple of glasses of wine, a great green salad, sour cream and apple sauce and you have made your very own Latke Party!

So now, the BIG question: Who Won? Actually it was a draw and here is why. Jodi’s Latkes were light and the Matza flour gave them a unique flavor. Really good. Joe’s Latkes had a unique, back palate onion flavor that was very enjoyable. Both were excellent! Both were winners. Then they combined the two and that was awesome. Thank you both for inviting Robin and I to enjoy these Latkes! Here are some of the other folks who were there. Cheers!

Athena and Ethan Levitch. Look at Ethan’s eyes. Classic!

Jodi, Athena and Rachael.

Curtis Stigers

The Dreidel Faces in the Hanukkah Candles. (Enlarge this photo by Left-Clicking)

The rules of the Dreidel Game and the story of Hanukkah.

As for Robin and I? We have had an extremely enjoyable Christmas Season. Much food! A little wine! Great friends! And a great family. Thank-You each and everyone for making this a delightful season. Cheers!