The Buzz, The Buzz Website, has released two volumes of their Wine Club cookbooks. Version 2009 and Version 2010, pictured here. Each volume is $15.00. Contact the Buzz directly via: (1) E-Mail #1, (2) E-Mail #2, (3) Phone (208) 344-4321 0r (4) visit them at 2999 N. Lakeharbor Lane, Ste 110, Boise, Idaho 83703. Look for the Buzz sign.

And just to let you know, we do not get any kick-back for posting these articles – we pay our own way and that’s the way we want it. What we get is a pleasant smile, great food and great friends and company. Check out their website and buy a cookbook. I will keep a permanent link to the cookbooks in the sidebar. Cheers!