Robin and I both grew up with the Greek culture, albeit, somewhat small. But the food …. We always did like the food. We were so happy to hear of the opening of Boise’s newest Greek restaurant, Sofia’s Greek Bistro in the Plantation Shopping Center at State and Glenwood Streets. Really good Greek food! Out of 5, we’ll rate this a 4. A solid 4! The serving sizes are quite large; the service very good and the ambiance interesting. Probably my only “bad” comment was that I think the food was salty. The olives and the fete cheese in the salad made that salty, but even more, was the fish dish. That was very salty. Besides that, the taste was excellent. Here are some photos of our experience. Enjoy!

The ambiance is simple, but interesting. I do like the paintings. There is room for about 30 people with an area that could be used for expansion. Very Greek music in the background. The owner and all of her staff were extremely friendly.

Vin De Crete
A dry red wine that went very well with the dinner.

Greek Salad with Greek Beer
ripe olives, fete cheese, onion, lettuce, tomato, olive oil dressing, Greek herbs

Gyro Plate
lamb, French fries, feta cheese, pita bread, dressings, Greek olives

Sunday Special: Plaki
market fresh fish baked in a thick tomato and onion sauce with Greek seasonings, rice

If you get the chance, and I urge to to do so, try this new Boise business. I think you will be surprised at how good it is. If you like the Greek Festival every June on Bannock Street in Boise, you will definitely like this. And when you visit Sofia’s Greek Bistro, tell them that you saw this review. Cheers and let us know what you think. And remember: Opa!