July 12th found us again at the Buzz in Boise and another great Wine Dinner. This time, they featured Tertulia Cellars, Spanish for “a social gathering of friends”. The vineyards that they use to produce their wines can be found in the Columbia Valley and the Walla Walla Valley of Washington.

Here are the wines we had and my score in [20], twenty being the highest. Enjoy the photos and the comments. The wines listed with the entrees are the ones matched with that dish. There are some really very good wines here and well worth your trying them. Cheers!

2009 Torrontes NBed 2gether (Argentina) 100% Torrontes [18]

2008 Cycles Gladiator Belle Epoqoc 13.5% alc [17]

Two bottles we bought
2008 Tertulia Excelsior 14.9% alc [19] $28
2010 Tertulia Viognier 13.9% alc [17] $16

Tarrali and Fennel Tuna
2010 Tertulia Viognier 13.9% alc [17] $16

Teriyaki Pork
2010 Tertulia Rose du Syrah 12.1% alc, [15] $15

Mushroom Salad
Balsamic Vinaigrette
2007 Tertulia Sobra 14.5% alc [18] $18

Chicken Machacha
Mama’s Papas
Drunken Beans
2007 Tertulia Cabernet Sauvignon 14.5% alc [ 18] $30

Chocolate Cheesecake
2008 Tertulia Excelsior 14.9% alc [19] $28