In some respects, I’m glad this weekend is over. It was like being in the winter holiday season – all we did was eat! Not that any of the food was bad. The food was absolutely awesome. And we finished it all off with a trip with our friend Margaret to Sushi Joy – Chinese and Japanese Cuisine located here in Boise. And in my NSHO (Not So Humble Opinion) it is one of the better Chinese/Japanese restaurants in town. Here are some photos of what we had. We also had green tea and mango ice cream. Three of us ate for $61.00. For the quality and the amount of food we had, I consider that very good. Just look at these photos. Left-Click any of the photos for a full screen view. Cheers!

Our friend Margaret.


House Salad
The dressing they use makes this salad, as it should. Tonight there was a sweet element to it. Honey?

Pu Pu Platter
egg rolls, crab rangoon, chicken fingers, chicken wings, teriyaki, fried shrimp

Lobster Tempura Maki
tempura lobster, mango, avocado, jalapeno wrapped in soy bean paper with twin sauce

Chef Roll
tuna, salmon, scallion, cucumber
wrapped in colored soy bean paper and deep fried and served with spicy unagi sauce

Sashimi Moriawase
the Chef’s choice of different fish. 12 pieces

Oh my. What a delightful dinner. This is the third time we have been here and we will absolutely return. They also have a wonderful lunch menu. Just remember, this is a wonderful blend of Chinese and Japanese cuisine. One you should not miss.