It really doesn’t take a lot of space to make yourself a very productive garden. A Victory Garden, if you please. From Better Homes and Garden, I received this link on Schoolyard Gardening, but think of it also in the terms of a backyard garden. Same principle. Same idea.
The photo to the left is where I have “re-claimed” some minimal space along an alley that raises some beautiful tomatoes, edible flowers, fruit (quince) and many, many herbs. We have lettuce and chives in this year already. The Better Homes and Garden article starts off with the statement,

There is no better way to get kids to enjoy fresh vegetables than involving them in the process of planting, growing, and harvesting. That’s the message that celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is promoting with his Food Revolution project. Start your own Food Revolution this year, whether at your child’s school or in your backyard, by building a raised-bed garden.

On the page too, you will find several links of tips for planning and planting your garden. There is a link for designing and planting  Raised Beds or Getting More From Less Space. Both of these are good articles. You will be surprised at how much, for a little investment in time , money and resources, you can produce in a small space. Many places around us have started to use the space between the sidewalk and the street for raised beds. I would check with your city first, though, before I went to a lot of effort of building the beds and then have to remove it. Cheers and have fun with this project. These is a page on this blog to Companion Planting and the link is located in the Sidebar.