Robin and I are so very lucky! Marnie is learning to create cakes from scratch. And doing a superb job, too! And then there is Donna. So very talented when it comes to cookies, cakes, flowers and gardens!!! She called me the other day and asked if we wanted some Cabbage (wait until you see the photo of this one. Below), Butternut Squash and Cilantro. Of course we accepted. When I got there this afternoon, she also had a plate of fresh baked and decorated cookies, candy apple, and from the garden fresh cilantro, carrots and onion. This was awesome. Thank-You Donna for all of the goodies and Marnie for taking the time to learn a new craft. And Mac? Thanks for making Marnie the wine rack! It really looks good.

Donna’s Caramel Apple

Cookies by Donna
Amputated Finders
Black Cat

Garden cabbage. 12″ from top to bottom and I bet 24 pounds if it weighs an ounce. Sauerkraut here we come!

Her garden vegetables

The wine rack Mac made for Marnie

Who could ever ask for more? Not us!