Well, this weekend is the Yearly Trek To Silver City and the Friday Night Wine Party!! Supposed to be 100+ here in Boise. We’re off to the mountains. Here is the word from Jerri about the weekend. See you there!

It’s almost here!

July 23 at 7:00 PM
(6:00 PM for happiness hour!)

Wine Social in Silver City
at the Idaho Hotel

Bring a couple bottles of wine and a dish /snack to compliment the wine and share with everyone!

Remember to bring your own glass – decorate it for more fun!

Saturday – July 24 is our Wine Dinner – a delicious adventure in culinary delights and wonderful wines! Reservations are mandatory. It should be a wonderful evening!

If you have any questions, please give me a call. Remember – it takes about 2 hours to reach Silver City from Boise. Take care driving and arrive safe in Silver! Remember – no gas stations in Silver, so fill your tank before leaving Boise or Nampa. The road is in great shape and it will be cooler in Silver than Boise!

Looking forward to seeing you all in Silver!

Jerri Nelson
Idaho Hotel – Silver City

And I had heard that the road was closed to Silver. I emailed Jerri and here is her reply:

Hi Jerri,
Rumor has it that the road from Murphy to Silver is closed. Is that correct? If so, how do we get there Friday? Hmmmm. Logistics.
Bob and Robin


Rumor! Meredith drove into Silver this morning…no problems, a few Mormon crickets on the road, but otherwise, clear sailing (or driving).

Actually, I heard the rumor on Facebook when Jan said that she had heard it was closed. Cheers and see you in Silver City!!