Here is an interesting concept for dinner – at least here in Boise. It’s billed at more than a Catered Dinner Party … More along the theme of what Andrae Bopp is doing in Walla Walla – a private special dinner. Here is some information:

Hi Bob

Thank you for getting back to me. Here are the answers to your questions.

The event is being held at a private home in Meridian, very close to Eagle Rd /55. We only send the address to people that are registered and paid, as there is a maximum number we can accommodate and do not want people just showing up as there will be no food available for them. I cater for the exact number registered.

The cost is $17.50 per person and includes:

Chicken or a Vegetable (vegetarian) version of the Malay Curry
(with various exotic toppings for the curry)

Basmati Rice


Garlic and Herb Flat Breads



There is no tipping or anything like that, so the $17.50 is the TOTAL price.

Everybody brings a bottle of wine for a shared tasting. This way everybody gets to taste from a large number of different wines.

Live Music by vocal guitarist Terry Peoples

I am creating a Flyer and will e-mail it to you later in the day. Hope this answers your questions .

Best regards

Chef Derek Selbo
The Global Gourmet

Be sure to check out their web site and ask questions. Cheers!!