In this mornings email – after I finally figured out that some of our clocks are on the “George Bush Time Manipulation Scheme” – I received this note from Rudy’s. We do appreciate the kind words:

Hi Bob & Robin,
I just found your blog and noticed your mention of Rudy’s.
Thanks! I’ve also put a link in our email newsletter about you.

Susan Ettesvold, CEPC

If you look in the sidebar, you will find a link to Rudy’s and, if you are ever in Twin Falls, please do stop in and say “Hello” to them and tell them you found their information on this blog. No, we don’t get a monetary “prize” for listing them, or any of the locations listed for that matter!

And since I am on this particular train of thought, Robin and I went to the Boise COOP – that could be trouble – yesterday to look for raw vinegar to start some White Wine Vinegar. And we came upon Extravaganzo Gourmet
sample table. Oh my! Some really awesome infused olive oil/grapeseed oil blends. You can check out their web site by clicking Here and find some really interesting products and locations, other than via the web, where their products are sold. The owner, Tom Stephens, who we met at the COOP, is pleasant and very helpful

The first of two products that we sampled and are excited about is pictured here, a Blood Orange Infused Oil that would be great with chicken or seafood. Or maybe in some Chinese or Japanese foods. A delightfully intense essence of orange permeates throughout the oil. A little oil will go a long way!

And, if you really know us, you know if it has garlic in it, we’ll probably try some – ice cream, fried, oil infused – and this Garlic Infused Oil is terrific! But again, a little will go a long way. And I’m thinking pasta, lamb or paella.

We do encourage you to try these oils. Being a “Foodie”, you owe it to the mindset. Go to their web page and check them out. Cheers!