In Remembrance of Ed Wilsey

Ed Wilsey passed away this morning, leaving an empty spot in our hearts and a big hat to fill.

Ed was a founding board member and was instrumental in the formation of the Boise Farmers Market. Due, in part, to his efforts and his big personality, the Market is a Saturday fixture in downtown Boise and a routine stop for thousands of Boise shoppers each week.

Through his outspoken and genial nature, Ed was an eloquent spokesman for the land and the people who work it. He was able to “talk up a storm” about cattle and ranching, and through his enthusiasm, created a community conversation about the importance of our food, where it comes from and the people who produce it.

Ed was a true spokesman for bridging the divide between our rural and urban communities, and he was our good friend. We will miss him and we wish him Godspeed and beautiful green pastures on his next journey.

With deepest condolences to Debby and the rest of the Wilsey family.

This Friend and The Board and Staff of the Boise Farmers Market