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Bob-And-Robin_Good-PhotoFall is in the air. 51 degrees and a light rain is falling. The perfect time of year for pork and sauerkraut, or, as My Best German Recipes say, “… Kassler Ribs with Sauekraut is a German specialty they are called in German “Rippchen” – Kassler is smoked pork from the loin and it comes in slices with or without the bone.” There you have the pork side of the equation, but what about the rest? What about the sauerkraut? How does one prepare it? Use a good fresh sauerkraut, preferably one you have made. But use one that has no herbs or spices. (I may have to change my recipe!! Here is a link to a Sauerkraut Recipe) Add the sauerkraut to a large pot. Add bay leaves, Juniper berries and pepper into a sachet. Add to kraut. Cook off some German Speck – or a good bacon – and some onion. Add to the pot of kraut and slowly cook for 20 to 30 minutes.
As for the recipe for the pork, try this one. German Ribs with Sauerkraut. There is also a link to making mashed potatoes to serve with this dish also. This sauerkraut dinner would also be good in a slow cooker with a pork roast. And here is yet another recipe that just might be the best in a Crockpot. Pork Roast mit kraut ist gut!. Anyway, some yummy things to think about on these Fall days. Enjoy!