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Yes indeed! You read that right! A wine dinner at The Buzz and the courses were all soup. I guess, as Joe said, we can call it a “soupr” evening. And it really was.
Cristi spends a lot of time preparing these dinners and she does her homework. For instance, here is some of what she said about soup. “Soup is generally a warm food; Often made by combining ingredients with a liquid. [Soup is] traditionally classified in two categories. Clear as in bouillon or consomme and Thick as in Puree – thickened with a starch; Bisque – Thickened with cream or pureed meat; Veloutes – Thickened with egg, butter or cream. Generally there is more liquid in a soup than in a stew.”
She goes on to let us know that there are also several different types of soup. “Fruit Soup – Frequently cold when fruit is in season; Fruksuppe (Norwegian) dried fruit; Hot Fruit Soup with meat. Middle Eastern, Central Asian and Chinese cuisines; Generally absent from Americas, Africa, Western European, Japan and Southeast Asia or Oceania cuisines. Cold Soups – At or below room temperature and they can be sweet or savory. Asian Soup – Generally broth based and many use tofu, soy bean curd – low-calorie and high protein.”
These are the type of “educational sessions” that she presents at the tastings. Extremely interesting. Enjoy these photos of the evening and hope to see you at the next Buzz Wine Dinner. Be sure to Left-Click the photos for a larger view. Cheers!

Joe brought this awesome wine – limited quantity – for some to share. Thanks Joe.

Beer/Cheddar Soup with Pretzels
(Awesome soup!)
2010 Wente Merlot
13.5% alc went very well with the soup. big and bold [17]

Avocado-Buttermilk Soup with Crab
(This is a WOW soup!)
2009 Chateau de la Roche Sauvignon Blanc
13.0% alc. absolutely wonderful with the avocado and crab. [19]

Chunky Tomato-Fruit Gazpacho
(A great palate cleanser.)
2011 Jean-Luc Colombo White Rhone
13.0% alc. good wine with the fruit. great pairing [18]

Lentil Soup with Kielbasa and Kale
(Don’t let the kale fool you. A good soup.)
2006 Lan Crianza Tempranillo
13.5% alc. great balance with the spiciness of the soup [18]

Chilled Pear Soup and a Chocolate Soup
2008 Pillar Box Cabernet Sauvignon
14.5% alc. I thought it went best with the chocolate, but our table had a difference of opinion. [18]

So there you have our evening. It was a great evening and I think everyone learned a lot about soups and pairing them with wine.