I (Robin) made a creative breakfast today … An Architectural Cold Eggs Benedict Salad – artichoke bottoms on a slice of tomato over lettuce and spinach, filled with crab meat and a half hard-boiled quail egg topped with a sauce of leftover garlic aoli [essentially hollandaise – homemade mayonaise] with chopped tarragon to resemble Bearnaise sauce. (Photo to the left is the prep work. Love the spotted quail eggs! Photo below is the plated salad. YUM-O!) Bob took photos … they will be blogged later. (Here they are!)
Drinking fruit flavored water – fresh pineapple chunks and orange slices in water with mint leaves. No sweetener other than the fruit. I want to try the Raspberry / Lime, Watermelon/Rosemary and Blackberry/Sage waters too. Have had cucumber/lemon slices in water lots – very refreshing and natural. Can always use no-cal sparkling water instead of plain water. Of course we do keep Schweppes Tonic water on hand to mix with gin for keeping Malaria away!

Architectural Cold Eggs Benedict Salad