Seeing as how the Preakness Stakes are in Baltimore, it is only fitting to have seafood for the party. (Thank-You Margaret for joining us!) I bought 8 nice and fresh medium oysters from Reel Foods here in town. After shucking them without leaving my DNA all over the place, we had them with a wonderful Champagne vinegar, cracked Tellicherry Pepper and Green Onion. Wonderful! Then we also had some fine diced cucumber, too. These turned out really great.

The crab cakes, on the other hand, tasted great, but they fell apart. The mayo, chili sauce, green tomato relish and Cholula  pepper sauce was good and made the crab cakes awesome. The party went fine and we all enjoyed ourselves. We even opened some of our 1995, well aged, dark beer that we made. Now for the Belmont. Can we get Coneys? and grill them? with sauerkraut and mustard? Hmmmm.