This has really been an ethnically diverse weekend menu. Especially since Passover and Easter happened to be on the same weekend. It all started Friday with the Gefilte Fish meal. Although I don’t think gefilte fish with Bearnaise is Kosher. (See Good Friday Meal earlier on this blog.) But it has been fun. And it is particular rewarding and pleasing when one of our very special Jewish friends here in Boise reads this blog and then calls to get the recipe for the gefilte fish. It will be fun to see how he made out with the dinner and the recipe. In the meantime, here is what we had for dinner tonight. The above photo is an Asparagus Mousse that Robin is making for dinner tomorrow. We had a sample tonight and it is so awesome. Rich and smooth and the succulent flavor of asparagus. 

Gremolata Popovers

Roasted Chicken
roasted root vegetables, rosemary, lemon

Plated dinner
Oven Roasted Chicken
Haroset Salad
apple, roasted walnuts, brown sugar, cinnamon, Manischewitz wine
Green Beans
Gremolata Popover

Oh what fun. Not only preparing these delights, but eating them and trying to understand what all this means. I may have to talk to Joe to get the significance of all of this. Cheers and tomorrow is the big meal. That will be fun, too!