Can’t say that the photo to the left, the artwork on one of Boise’s signal control boxes, has anything to do with this article. But wait! The bird in the art looks a little like a chicken. Well, maybe. In the March 20 issue of the Idaho Statesman, there was a great article on New Rules for Boise Urban Gardners which includes bees, chickens, ducks and rabbits. The home gardener is not included in the proposal as an urban farmer. To differentiate between the two, the proposal as reviewed in the Statesman says that, “Land used to grow plants and harvest food or ornamental crops for educational purposes, donation, use by those cultivating the land, or for sale locally. Home gardens are not considered urban farms … The new ordinance still permits small produce stands, with minor permitting changes.”  It is really an interesting article and a good and informative read. What about those noisy roosters at sunrise?  “Noisy roosters are still banned in city limits, with the exception of two older neighborhoods in West Boise. The few complaints the city has received are mostly about roosters …”  Cheers!