(Photo 10 Barrel Brewery)

The 10 Barrel Brewery out of Bend, Oregon, is opening a Brew Pub in downtown Boise at 9th Street and Bannock on the Northeast corner across from Yen Ching. The pub is scheduled to open – the last time I heard – late summer. Their web page says, “… tentative opening date for Aug 1st”. This is a photo that I saved off of their FB page. Their comment was, “Demo started yesterday on the Boise Pub. What a mess….” The ceiling has been opened and the insulation removed. This will be one very large brew pub; maybe the largest in Boise. I for one, am really looking forward to the opening. In My Not So Humble Opinion (IMNSHO), their Apocalypse IPA is by far one of the best I have ever had. They have other brews, too, but this one is superb. I put it up against a Deschutes Inversion IPA and the Apocalypse took the challenge. It’s not that the Inversion is bad,

I always have some in the refrigerator waiting to be liberated, it’s just that the Apocalypse IPA is better. It was great to see that the Boise COOP started to carry the 10 Barrel brews.
The photo to the right, I took this morning. Beautiful blue sky! This is the building at the corner of 9th and Bannock in Boise. It used to be a woman’s clothing store. Sorry, but it now has another use. 
So now, I guess we wait for the Grand Opening. I do hope they keep me informed, or I am lucky enough to get some “fresh” information from the brewery. I will do what I can to keep “on top” of this fabulous event. Below is the artists rendition of the brew pub. Not too much difference, but enough. It’s the interior which will change the most. It is a very large area. Cheers!

(Artist Drawing 10 Barrel Brewery)