We are always so extremely happy to write about new restaurants in Boise that are outstanding. We have found one! Sushi Joy – Chinese and Japanese Cuisine, 2275 W Main Street, Boise. (208) 433-8888. Every bit of a 5-Star rating and it is so well deserved. Everything that Robin and I had was outstanding! You can find a complete review at Sushi Joy Review which is located on our Restaurant Review page on our web page. We really encourage you to go and to take some friends with you. The Japanese food is scrumptious. In all fairness, we have not tried their Chinese food but will do so on our return visit. We had some really great sake with our dinners. The only drawback was that our green tea came in a ceramic cup with no handles. The cup was too hot to pick up and we had to ask for a little ice to cool it down. Please do visit them. Cheers! Just look at these photos.

Tiger prepares a Sashimi dish.

We had this Ozeki Sake Dry which is very dry and delicious. We also had a more traditional sake Ozeki Classic Junmai which also hit the spot. Both went very well with our meals.

Green Tea

(SU) Green Salad
Ozeki Classic Junmai Sake
I’d go back just for the salad. They make their own awesome dressing.

(A11) Soft Shelled Crab
soft shelled crab deep fried tempura flour, ponzo sauce for dipping
It has been so long since I have had Soft Shelled Crab. What a delight!! This is delicious.

(SA2) Sashimi Morawase Deluxe
the Chef’s choice of 18 pieces
This was an awesome dish. The diakon radish and mint leaves really added to it. The white fish is a white tuna. Delicious!

Cooked Sushi Combination
Kanikama unagi, shrimp, crab sticks
Another awesome dish!

Banana Boat Ice Cream
green tea ice cream, lichee ice cream, tempura fried banana

So there you go. A great meal. Let me add that although some of you may object to tempura fried anything, this tempura is light and not greasy. It does not lay in your stomach like a brick! It’s all in knowing how to prepare it. Try Sushi Joy …. I think you will be pleased. Total bill for the two of us – $64.70 plus tip. Plenty of food for the two of us and we shared the platters.