Instant Pot Recipes – Update May 2020 – IP Carnitas and Pineapple Salsa

I asked the readers if they would like to have the Air Fryer and the Instant Pot recipes on two separate pages and separate from the main recipe. The overwhelming response was Yes! So this page will list only the Instant Pot recipes that we have tried and – usually – adapted to our liking. Please do not hesitate to make comments or suggestions. Just keep them civil, please. (My delete key works quite well!) Left-Click any of these photos to see them enlargede. Main recipe page Main Recipe Page Link.


Instant Pot

Note: [Sides – Oct 2018] Spanish Rice will go very well with these Mexican dishes.

Instant Pot – [April 2019]IP – Beef Stew – Really good beef stew that is full of root vegetables and a rich sauce. Delicious! [PDF format]

Pineapple Salsa

Instant Pot – [Oct 2018]IP – Carnitas and Pineapple Salsa – Really good recipe for carnitas. And the real treat is the Pineapple Salsa which is superb! [PDF format]


Instant Pot – [Oct 2018]IP – Chicken Cacciatore – Really good chicken, but fairly long to prep. But well worth it. [PDF format]
Instant Pot – [May 2019]IP – Ramadan Lemon Chicken – Really good chicken, but fairly long to prep. Great in the Islamic month long celebration of Ramadan. [PDF format]
Instant Pot – [Oct 2018]IP – Chili – Super great black bean chili. Easy to do and not involved. [PDF format]
Instant Pot – [Oct 2018]IP – Gumbo – This is some of the best gumbo we have had. But, the recipe is long. Just do the prep work first, and all should go well. [PDF format]
Instant Pot – [Mar 2019]IP – Louisiana Gumbo – Another long recipe – but most gumbo recipes are long. A lot of ingredients that require some prep work. But this shrimp, Andouille chicken sausage and chicken gumbo is well worth the time and effort. [PDF format]


Instant Pot – [Oct 2018]IP – Meatballs – An easy recipe that you can use any variety of ground meat you want – beef, lamb, buffalo to name a few. Enjoy! [PDF format]
Instant Pot – [Oct 2018]IP – Carne Asada – A good addition to our Mexican recipes. Enjoy! [PDF format]
Instant Pot – [Oct 2018]IP – Peruvian Chicken – A good addition to our cross-cultural recipes. This is an awesome chicken recipe. Make it as spicy as you want. Enjoy! [PDF format]

Pork Carnitas and Spanish Rice

Instant Pot – [Oct 2018]IP – Pork Carnitas – An easy recipe. It does take some time to make. Almost 2 hours, but it is worth it. Enjoy! [PDF format]

German Pork Roast

Instant Pot – [Nov 2019]IP Pork Roast – An easy recipe and in the German style. Use the Slow Cook function on the Instant Pot. Really a good recipe. Enjoy! [PDF format]


Herb Pork Loin

Instant Pot – [Nov 2019]IP Braised Herb Pork Loin – Really a good recipe that is moist and full of flavor. Uses Meat/Stew function and Steam function. Enjoy! [PDF format]
Instant Pot – [Oct 2018]IP – Salmon and Asparagus – An easy recipe that you can make really quickly. Enjoy! [PDF format]
Instant Pot – [Feb 2019]IP – St Louis Ribs with Whiskey BBQ Sauce – An easy recipe that you can make really quickly. A super good rib recipe. Ready in about 40 minutes. Good use of St Louis ribs. [PDF format]

Left Over Turkey Soup

Instant Pot – [Oct 2018]IP – Teriyaki Sauce – Although not an IP recipe, this teriyaki goes very well with salmon and even meatballs. Enjoy! [PDF format]
Instant Pot – [Mar 2019]IP – Guinness Bacon Cheese Soup – An awesome soup to start your St Patrick’s Day dinner, or anytime. Enjoy! [PDF format]
Instant Pot – [Nov 2018]IP – Left Over Turkey Soup – A great and easy way to use your left over turkey. Enjoy! [PDF format]