It’s been comparatively warm. Little snow here in the valley. Snow looks good in the mountains. Oh yea! The blog! I have been asked many times this month for recipes for an Air Fryer. So I have started to add some to the recipe file located on the Foodie Blog page or by Clicking Here. I am going to do a monthly re-cap of the Air Fryer (AF) recipes and the Instant Pot (IP) recipes that get added to the file each month.
And another suggestion was to have these two forms of cooking on separate pages – one page for Instant Pot recipes only and one page for Air Fryer recipes only. What do you think? (Yes. I’m asking for your comments.) Hope this information helps. We have made all of these recipes and adapted them to “make them ours”.

January 2019 Air Fryer Recipe Summary –

This is the AirFryer we have. Under $100 online.

  1. Asian Chicken Thighs
  2. Asian Style Chicken Wings
  3. Carrots
  4. Crispy Chicken Thighs (Second Joints, for those in the Mid-Atlantic states.)
  5. Coconut Shrimp
  6. Meatloaf (Yes! Meatloaf and it is delicious!)
  7. Pork Chops with Steamed Cabbage
  8. Sesame Salmon
  9. Baja Fish Tacos