It does not seem like Easter without a White Lily. So here is one that Robin got. It is so fragrant and the blooms are very large.

And too, it does not seem like Spring without the Tulips. So to celebrate the seasons, we had our family, and extended family, gathering around the dinner table. Robin, Marnie, Mac, Sophie, Chris, Maddy and Margaret , who stopped in to say hello. So with that, here are some photos of the event. And here is the Wine List and the Menu. Do enjoy the wines, the menu and the photos. Cheers!

Chris, Maddy and Sophie.
Chris and Sophie: I want to see the photos you took!
Maddy: We are looking forward to your Birthday Dinner on Friday!

I guess the Rabbit was here. Look what it left. Is that a chocolate egg in there?

The Magnificent Egg Race!

Chocolate Egg being guarded! Mac and Sophie made these. Beautiful, solid, chocolate egg!

Dinner started with a Shrimp Dip.
Then the First Course was a delightful Lamb and Barley Soup.

Here is the Easter Roasted Leg of Lamb with Mint Sauce on a bed of Braised Spinach with Pine Nuts and Craisins. I did not get a photo of the Creamy Cauliflower Purée. The Green Salad was replaced with the spinach and the Minted Carrots did not appear. I don’t think anyone went away hungry. The 7 pounds of butterflied lamb is gone!!

Robin’s awesome
Easter Ricotta Tart
(Torta di Pasqua)

There is not much else to say except it is always a great and beautiful day when you are surrounded by a loving family and friends. Thanks to all who were there and participated. I think that Sophie really like the WII experience. And Chris and Maddy and Mac and Marnie were all surprised at what the Wii Fitness told them. Cheers!