On Thursday, 17 Dec, we went to The Season’s in Eagle for their Greek Dinner. Sorry, but it did not meet expectations. I grew up with some very close Greek friends; participated in the Greek Neighborhood “Greek Days”; each summer attend the Boise “Greek Festival” and do like Greek food very much. This event at The Seasons fell short. I missed that “authentic” Greek flavor – the strong Greek oregano taste and other spices that are traditionally used in this style of cooking. But, I must say that their use of cucumber in the dishes was very good – as was the Corn Dip, which is not Greek (Thanks Rachel!!). The Lemon Rice Soup was awesome and could be used to help fight off any flu!

Spices from Greece like sesame; white sesame; Machlepi; and Cumin are also highly thought of by renowned international chefs and the most valuable and expensive spice, red saffron, is cultivated in Greece … Generations of Greek cooks have focused on many that have now become essentials of traditional Greek cooking.
Herbs: chamomile, marjoram, mint, oregano, sage, basil, thyme, rosemary, dill, fennel, celeriac, flat-leaved parsley, coriander, bay leaves.
Spices: Cinnamon, pepper (black and white), cloves, allspice, anise, cardamon, nutmeg, cumin, paprika, pink, saffron, sesame and white sesame.

However, this is not enough to keep us from returning to The Seasons. We know what they can do and we know how good the restaurant can really be. Maybe they were overwhelmed with the crowd that came in. Maybe something happened in the kitchen. I don’t know, but I know they can do better and I look forward to returning. Our original review of The Season’s can be found by Clicking Here. Cheers!